Summer is the season for taking family vacations, firing up the BBQ for some outdoor grilling, or attending the occasional 4th of July block party. Maybe here in Midtown Manhattan the term block party takes on a whole new meaning, as we know the 4th of July fireworks certainly do.
Manhattan Emeergency Dentist 4th of July
With the summer season in full swing we’d like to take this opportunity to share some dental health tips courtesy of New York & Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Rastegar.

Maintaining optimal oral health (and overall health) is essential in any season, but if we manage to keep up with our regular 2x annual dental checkups and our 2x per day oral hygiene routine, we certainly shouldn’t deprive ourselves the indulgence of the occasional picnic or summer party treat.

But What Treats Are Best for Our Teeth?

The food we eat affects our oral health and general health, too much sugar combined with not enough exercise or dental care and we might wind up with a few extra pounds, along with a cavity or two.

As we touched on in a recent blog post about certain foods that provide natural teeth whitening, the sugars in food, along with inefficient dental hygiene can lead to a buildup of bacteria on our teeth. This is the bacteria in plaque that turns sugar from the foods we eat into the acids powerful enough to dissolve the hard enamel that covers our teeth.

That’s how cavities get started, but if we don’t eat much sugar the bacteria in plaque can’t produce as much of the acid that eats away tooth enamel.

So what summer food choices can we make that will be sweet & savory, but also healthy?

Foods that cling to our teeth promote tooth decay. So when we snack, it’s best to avoid the soft, sweet, sticky foods such as cakes, candy, and even dried fruits. Instead, choose some dental-conscious delights we found courtesy of Dental Patient News:

– Nuts
– Raw vegetables (broccoli & cauliflower actually scrub our teeth while chewing)
– Plain yogurt
– Grilled lean meats
– Cheese
– Sugarless gum

Now check out what says about Diet for Healthy Teeth in this short video…and Have a Happy & Health 4th of July!!!


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