When it comes down to it, we can probably go years without seeing our social local dentist for a comprehensive dental cleaning…if we want our teeth to rot right out of our heads.


Why do our regular dental cleaning appointments sometimes fall by the wayside?


While we can collectively manage to never miss an episode of our favorite television show, or do without our daily caffeinated concoction, some of us feel that seeing the dentist for regular exams & dental cleanings is something to be avoided at all costs.


But why miss a dental cleaning…is it fear, costs, laziness, apathy, or is it the dentists’ fault?


We’ve previously identified how avoiding the dentist and regular dental cleanings doesn’t make cents – it’ll actually cost us more in the long run when regular dental cleanings are ignored long enough to lead to more major oral health issues like gum disease, root canals, and tooth extractions.

Fear is a powerful emotion, but as dental patients we’re lucky enough to not have to endure the gulag like dental practices of yore. And with readily available services like dental spa treatment, conscious sedation, and even toothy tools like the Dental Vibe, the dental fear is only in our heads.

That leaves laziness, apathy, and our very own local dentists that don’t take the social time to develop a meaningful enough connection with us to actually communicate the importance of keeping our regularly scheduled dental cleaning appointments.

We’re all guilty of a little laziness from time to time, but not caring about our teeth is like not caring about our overall health. If we ignore dental cleanings this leads to larger oral health problems down the road…which has been proven to possibly lead to more worrisome systemic overall health problems later in life.


Teeth cleaning fish give us dental cleanings for free?


For those of us that just can’t grasp the oral health and overall health connection, are too concerned with sloshing down coffee and smoking cigarettes, or have unfortunately chosen a local dentist that expects a one-way relationship, there may be an answer under the sea…thanks to some friendly teeth cleaning fish.

But are the scuba lessons, dive certifications, costs of equipment, and fear of sharks still enough to keep us from diving into an underwater dental cleaning?


So what’s your excuse for missing a regular dental cleaning?



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Portions of this post were republished with permission from Dental Patient News