A Midtown Manhattan Dentist Our Parents Never Had

As dental patients here on Madison Ave within the borough of Manhattan…in the great City of New York, we are lucky to have available to us the type of dental care our parents never had.

With advances in technology, even a trip to your Midtown Manhattan dentist doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety or fear. Actually its been this way for awhile…ever since the True Grit days when dentists looked like this:
Madison Ave Dentist Talks Technology
From things like sophisticated lasers that would make Dr. Evil proud, to intraoral cameras, to computer-assisted anesthesia, and digital x-rays, modern dentistry is here to stay – here on Madison Ave in NYC – and pretty much everywhere else around the country.

To take a look inside our practice and our brand of Madison Ave dentistry, Dr. Rastegar would like to share some info on how we use these technological advancements to improve comfort and care for dental patients lucky enough to visit our Midtown Manhattan dentist office.

Madison Ave Dentist Talks Technology

Here are just a few of the recent technological advancements our Madison Ave dentist office has integrated into our patient care.

Air Abrasion:

Kind of like it sounds, instead of a whining shrilling drill, this high-speed delivery of “blasting particles” to a decayed tooth can replace the drill in many cases. The fine stream of air and aluminum oxide provides dentists with a more precise tool for removing decay quickly, without damaging surrounding sections of the tooth. This exciting dental treatment is also a plus for patients because it normally doesn’t require any local anesthesia. While air abrasion may not be suitable for large areas of decay or the removal of silver fillings, it can be used to repair tiny cracks, remove stains, and smooth the tooth surface so that bonding materials adhere to the tooth.

Intra-oral Cameras:

A tiny camera inserted into the patient’s mouth allows the dentist to show the patient the exact nature of the problem. The image is enlarged and sent to a monitor that the patient and doctor view together. When patients can see the specific area in need of treatment, they’re more likely to understand and accept the dentist’s recommendation.


Research continues at a fast pace in laser dentistry. Lasers have been used for years in a limited capacity, but their role in oral surgery is likely to increase.

Digitized X-rays:

Computerized technology will allow a small sensor inside the patient’s mouth to take the X-ray and immediately display it on a computer screen, eliminating film and darkroom processing, and reducing the radiation exposure for the patient.


There is a growing recognition of the role that computers can play in dental care. In the future, patient records may be kept on computer disks, including visual images captured on intraoral cameras. A computerized workstation beside the patient’s chair will give the dentist the ability to view the patient’s history from disk. The dentist might also use a voice-recognition system to ask the computer to assist in finding that data, or generate a “before and after” image so the patient can preview the result of dental treatment before it is done.


Patient education will be a snap with information stored on CD-ROM. Procedures can be explained to patients in advance and post-operative instructions can be provided for them to take home.

Take a look at this video from CNN, see how other technological advancements in dentistry lead to improved patient care and comfort.


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