More No Good Dental Health Myths

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  In our first installment exploring some of the most common dental health myths, we examined how tooth pain and dental x-rays are two myths to be busted. Part two of this series identifies a couple more myths we need to dispel, much to the detriment of our dental health.   Dental Health Myth #3: Bleeding Gums Are Completely Normal Bleeding gums is often times one of the first noticeable signs of gum disease, which left untreated can progress...

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Dental Insurance Benefits Expire at the End of the Year

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Midtown Manhattan NYC Dentist Shares Dental Insurance Info Can you believe Halloween is already here!?! In addition to pumpkin carving, turkey roasting, window shopping, the first snow of the season, and the accompanying hustle and bustle of the soon to be here Holiday season, the end of each year is also the time for dental patients to make sure you’ve used all of your dental insurance benefits. At the end of each year most dental...

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Did You Know Dental Insurance Benefits Expire Each Year?

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Midtown Manhattan Dentist Shares Dental Insurance Info In addition to the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, this end of each year serves as a time for NYC residents to make sure they have utilized all of their dental insurance benefits. Your Midtown Manhattan dentist can help discuss with you the advantages of using your benefits before the end of the year – just call us at (212) 692-9090. This means that any existing dental insurance...

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