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3 Reasons You Should Probably Floss at Work

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Dental Care | 0 comments

Regardless of what the Associated Press thinks, you still need to clean between your teeth. Brushing only cleans 60% of teeth surfaces. Flossing covers the rest. You don’t have to floss at-home. Stash your string at the office! Here are 3 reasons to do the deed at work: 1. Take a brain break. Brain breaks boost productivity. Approximately every 90 minutes, your brain cycles from its highest attention to its lowest attention. And one of the best...

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Is Tooth Decay the Oldest Disease Known to Humans?

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Manhattan Dental Health |

Tooth Decay Is the Oldest Disease Known to Man   It’s not the common cold. Nor is it arthritis, malaria, or leprosy. According to Healthplex Dental trivia, tooth decay is not only the oldest disease we know of, but also the most common and widespread. A quick internet search should reveal plenty of claims to the contrary, with even the Guinness Book of World Records getting in on the action proclaiming leprosy appeared prior to tooth...

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Manhattan Dentist Shares How to Floss Video

Posted by on May 30, 2013 in Smile! | 0 comments

Around the Tooth & Below the Gums, Look out Creeps Here it Comes! (via No, we’re not talking mouthwash overindulgence, but isn’t it funny – or at least marginally amusing, sort of – how sometimes even the most basic oral health care practices like brushing & flossing, are incorrectly applied. How many times have we sat through the dental chaise lecture highlighting…...

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